Blockchain Organizing for Managers (Engelstalig)


What if selling your house would be as easy as sending an email? Big chance you would not believe that this will become reality in the near future? But when internet started nobody could imagine, that it once would be possible to operate Spotify on internet.  As Halfdan Mahler, former director World Health Organisation once said: “What sounds idealistic today becomes realistic tomorrow”. But from ‘today’ to ‘tomorrow’ is a long and difficult road where leadership and management can play an important role.


Blockchain Organizing is about embedding disruptive data technologies with a fundamental new organization models. It is a way to organize trust, secure uncertainty and conduct business without the increase of complexity and bureaucracy. It has the potential to almost fully replace resources such as money, contracts and traditional management. Blockchain Organizing improves productivity, enables better privacy, democracy and more efficient processes. An increasing number of managers are getting excited by this new management concept


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